PMM 91 UMM PHBS Program at Kindergarten ABA 10 Malang City, Health Check-Plastic Waste Management

Wednesday, February 21, 2024 23:24 WIB

Community Service Activities by Muhammadiyah University Students (PMM) group 91 wave 8 (PMM 91) were carried out at Aisyiyah Bustanul Athfal (ABA)  10 Kindergarten, Jalan Tumenggung Suryo No. 5, Rampal Celaket, Blimbing District, Malang City, East Java. The choice of Kindergarten ABA 10 in Malang City does not have a special program to teach PHBS (Clean Healthy Living Behavior)  apart from throwing rubbish in the right place.

PMM 91 UMM Proker PHBS di TK ABA 10 Kota Malang, Cek Kesehatan-Olah Limbah Plastik   1
The PMM 91 UMM team taught how to process plastic waste into creative work.

PMM 91 UMM activities to apply downstream research results from the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) ( This activity must be followed by active UMM students. The PMM 91 UMM team consists of students from the UMM Faculty of Medicine consisting of Arvantio Nurizza Sasongko, Dinar Ukhti Azelia, Yudhistira Satria Wicaksono, Zalfa Iftinan Mulya Sari, and Garel Sigareta Putra Diksa as coordinator. Meanwhile accompanied by Mahar Faiqurahman, S.Kom, MT, as Field Supervisor (DPL).

According to Garel Sigareta Putra Diksa, the PMM 91 UMM program carries the theme of the importance of healthy living behavior. This healthy living behavior is socialized and educated since Early Childhood Education (PAUD) or Kindergarten. The hope is that when you grow up you can become a habit of avoiding bad attitudes that can affect your health.

The aim of this activity is for ABA 10 Kindergarten students and the local community to understand and apply healthy living behavior in their daily lives. There are many things that can be categorized as implementing healthy living. In its implementation, PMM 91 UMM educates ABA 10 Kindergarten students about washing their hands, what healthy foods are, and how to brush their teeth and get into the habit of washing their hands to avoid foreign contamination which could later affect their health.

PMM 91 UMM Proker PHBS di TK ABA 10 Kota Malang, Cek Kesehatan-Olah Limbah Plastik   2
The UMM PMM 91 Team from the UMM Faculty of Medicine during social services checked the health of local residents.

In particular, wash your hands before eating and before touching any part of your body, including your face. Because you never know what bacteria and germs can stick to your hands after touching something. For this reason, washing your hands is very necessary to keep your hands clean.

Healthy food education material, all students are explained why they need to eat healthy food and what foods are healthy and unhealthy. Healthy food is needed to meet children's nutritional needs so that growth is not hampered.

In education about brushing teeth, all students are taught why they need to brush their teeth and how to brush their teeth correctly. You need to brush your teeth so that there are no large amounts of food residue and germs on your teeth. If you don't brush your teeth regularly, the impact on your health is that your teeth can get cavities and cause toothache.

During this program, the students seemed very enthusiastic, as shown by all the students participating in practicing the steps for washing their hands and brushing their teeth while the video was playing.

Another program PMM 91 UMM practices processing plastic waste into crafts. This activity aims to hone students' creativity in processing used materials. Apart from that, this activity also teaches students the importance of protecting the environment from things that can pollute it by processing or recycling unused waste.

PMM 91 UMM Proker PHBS di TK ABA 10 Kota Malang, Cek Kesehatan-Olah Limbah Plastik   3
PMM 91 UMM took a group photo with the teacher, students of Kindergarten ABA 10 Malang City.

Accumulated and untreated waste can pollute the environment and ultimately cause health problems. The results of these crafts can be used to decorate the school and some are also taken home by students.

Apart from that, PMM 91 UMM also carried out joint gymnastics, environmental cleaning and social service. The social service carried out is in the form of free health tests which include checking blood pressure, blood sugar, uric acid and also cholesterol. This social service is carried out for all teachers and also the surrounding area community.

After the test results come out, they are also educated on things that can be done to maintain health related to blood pressure, blood sugar, uric acid, and also cholesterol and the impacts that will occur if the above indicated levels are not within normal limits.

​​​​​​​Through the programs that have been implemented by PMM 91 UMM, it is hoped that all ABA 10 Kindergarten students and the surrounding community can apply the things they have been taught to their daily lives so that the health level of the area becomes better than before. (release: pmm 91 UMM wave 8